At Synapse Solutions we provide an end-to-end data compliance solution including consulting advice and project delivery services to assist organizations meet their regulatory requirements.

Our aim is to simplify the complexities of data regulation and ensure your organization’s response is cost effective, commercially viable and sustainable.

We utilize a data compliance framework methodology that has been proven in complex organizations and is recognized as best practice.

The following deliverables are typically required for a compliance framework:

  • Develop a Data Governance Structure
  • Maintain a Personal Data Inventory
  • Update Privacy Policies
  • Embed Data Privacy into Operations
  • Develop Training and Communication Programs
  • Ensure Security Risk is Integral to Design
  • Manage Data Handled Outside of the Organisation
  • Distribute Disclosure Notices
  • Respond to Data Subject Rights Requests
  • Monitor the Organisation for New Technology and Operations
  • Maintain a Data Breach Response Program
  • Monitor Data Handling Practices
  • Understand the Regulatory Landscape

Synapse Solutions has a range of standardized templates to simplify the steps required for an organization to become compliant. These include:

  • Data Framework Project Plan
  • Data Mapping Template
  • Record of Processing
  • Disclosure Notices
  • Online Terms & Conditions
  • Consents Framework
  • Privacy Impact Assessments & Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Privacy Policy
  • Retention Policy
  • Breach Policy
  • Breach Response Plan
  • Data Subject Rights Procedures
  • Incident Response Procedures
  • Communication Templates for Customers & Staff
  • Job descriptions for Key Staff Responsible for Data Protection
  • Key Metrics for Reporting to Internal and External Stakeholders Including the Regulator
  • Privacy Program Charter & Mission Statement
  • Internal Training Presentations

The global landscape of data regulation is changing rapidly. Countries around the world are introducing laws that dramatically enhance the rights of data subjects, meaning companies of all sizes need to establish a data privacy framework.

Any organization that collects data from its customers or employees, irrespective of its size needs to take action.

Failure to comply can result in significant fines and reputational damage.

Please contact us to discuss any of your data compliance requirements.