1. Consulting Services

Synapse Solutions provides data compliance consulting services for data privacy & regulation.

In our experience, using an expert in the field, as opposed to a generic consulting firm, will save the organization considerable cost, time and delivery stress.

We have a range of off-the-shelf templates, policies and processes that can be tailored quickly and effectively to your organization. We can also provide detailed advice and guidance on developing the project plan that prioritizes the tasks across high, medium and low to ensure a ‘reasonable steps’ approach is taken.

2. An End-To-End Bundled Compliance Framework Delivery

Includes the provision of a project team tailored to the appropriate size for your organization’s requirements. Utilization of standardized templates, processes, policies and notices which will be tailored to your organization and can be vetted by external legal counsel.

The benefits being:

  • Minimal time to compliance, leveraging standardized templates and methodology
  • No need to build a project team with associated recruitment expenses, management of resources and a project management office
  • One contract and one invoice paid monthly, reducing administrative effort and costs
  • Training of internal staff and imbedding of policy, procedures and frameworks into BAU
  • Peace of mind that reasonable steps have been taken to achieve compliance by using a specialist data compliance firm
  • Flexibility to use standardized templates or tailoring solutions suitable for specific businesses
  • Leverage existing networks of data and privacy specialists in digital to ensure technical solutions are complaint
  • Provides comfort to your customers by demonstrating that you value their data and are taking appropriate measures to secure it

3. In-House Packaged Workshop

Five day packaged service to allow in-house resources to undertake the compliance project activities. Includes provision of a project plan, templates, processes, policies and notices required to implement a data compliance framework. The package may include:

  • A three-day workshop including one-on-one training and on-site support
  • Two-days of follow up support off-site (over the following month)

4. Off-Site Workshops

Two-day business workshop. Provides a comprehensive understanding of a data compliance framework to implement a data compliance framework in-house.