SoftLayer's new name: IBM Cloud

A cloud infrastructure built to perform


Integrated global private network for easy deployment and uninterrupted communication between servers

Data transfer

Unlimited private network bandwidth on all bare metal and virtual servers


250GB - 500GB per month outbound public bandwidth on all monthly virtual & bare metal servers

Management and support

Direct access to all technical support resources at no additional charge

Outperform with power

Cloud servers come with fast core allocated with 1:1 virtual-to-physical resources. There are no over-subscriptions, you pay for your own virtual server.

Control your Cloud

Every facet of IBM cloud infrastructure automated, integrated & managed by a single system. Control everything via web portal, API and mobile apps.

Flexible for customisation

Experience the flexibility to create a customized virtual server at the most granular level. Complete resource customization options

Grow & go global

High-performance infrastructure & high-speed network. Get the best network performance so that you can get access to your data when you want it.

Accelerate your move to cloud

3 Key Features to Secure your Hybrid Cloud

Protect your data

Bring your own security controls to complement the security of your cloud service provider and keep your data safe and secure. We focus on the following:

  • Data protection
  • Identity and access management
  • Application security
  • Cloud workload management
  • Cloud network security
  • Visibility and intelligence
  • Security operations and threat management
Enhance your productivity

It’s critical to provide a security framework and the necessary tools to incorporate security from the beginning when migrating to the cloud or working with DevOps. By building security into the design, you don’t lose productivity going back and incorporating it later.

Ensure you’re compliant

With a hybrid cloud environment,achieving compliance presents unique challenges where it’s essential that security policies are followed, in addition to having visibility and reporting into both the cloud and on-premises servers.

  • Validate implemented controls against an organization’s security policy,
  • Industry compliance,
  • Risk policies
  • International regulatory compliance (GDPR, PSD2)

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